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length: 8m 16s

genre: drama, mystery

completed: 2022

script & director: Pascal Rosengardt

director of photography: Daniel Zehren
production company: pantera negra filmproduction

with: Peter Kotthaus, Myriam Tancredi, Miguel Abrantes, Antje Mies

Eines Morgens merkt Christian plötzlich, dass die letzten zwanzig Jahre an ihm vorbeigezogen sind. Und das wortwörtlich. Zwar kann er sich erinnern was passiert ist, aber er glaubt es nicht selbst erlebt zu haben.

One morning Christian, a middle-aged man, suddenly realizes, that the past twenty years passed by. Literally. Also he knows what happened, it seems like he did not went through these years.

Nominee - Camgaroo Award - 2022.png
FINALIST - 2022 ARFF Paris  International Awards - 2022-2.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - 8  Halfilm Awards - 2022-2.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - First-Time Filmmaker Pinewood Studios - 2022-2.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Clapperboard Golden Festival - 2022-2.png
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